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Attention: Scams and Fraudsters

If you know you are going to scam us, you need to STOP! Stop contact us and we will find out you more and next thing you know, you are wasting your time. We will not spend a penny on you.

Our company had experience in the past in the year 2014 that you guys out there tried scam and fraud documents with us and perhaps other companies in the world. We indeed reported our situation to our US Embassy around the world and notify to US Commerce Representative as well.


Dear Readers,

We tell how they scammed us. First, the real scams made it so real that you would not believe it. They faked document seems so real even they claim in certain person in high ranking officers involved in the world just to get you attention. All they think is money even one hundred dollars, they take it. They used trick and twisted many ways for you to believe it and went for it. We called it a trap. They used lawyers, PHD , or Doctors title. These people used all their skill and titles to manipulate the situation just to let you felt for it and chasing the transaction even more stronger and deeper in the deal. If they get what they want, they get angry very quick and said mean thing you would not believe what you.

Here are some proofs that our company went through, please click on countries you would like to see those documents and remember if you see these documents, it is NOT real, but notice it. It is for your own good. There are so many scams and fraudsters out there. 

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