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Case Scam #2, Beware of this scam person, everything is real for you to believe that this person is real buyer represent for you for their non profit, but it turns to be scam ring person from attorney to banking institution Jakarta, Indonesia. His fake name is , His name is in his passport Mustafa Susilo.

If you see this person, do not do business with him. please report to authority right away. Now i am reporting illegal business practice to our US Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia. Then next, we will report to Jakarta’s authority to arrest this person.Scam person #2 Reg Cash Receipt Copy The Acknowlegdement Letter From AADCI,Indonesia To eNergyCure USA AADCI CONTRACT AGREEMENT DRAFT BETWEEN AADCI AND ENERGYCURE USA INC Attorney charge Our Service Instructions Authorization of Payment for Contract Certificate of Call to The Bar Certificate of Membership Committee Resolution On Contract Confirmation of Document and Bid fee Details Contract Approvals and Reference Number Contractors Registration Application Form Contractors Registration Letter Corrected Certificate Legal Order Minister's Exchange Control Order Musfata Passport Copy Official Tender Application Form Payment Advice & Contract Signing Schedule Payment Approval Notice Proforma Invoice for AADCI



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